Census Data, Forecasts, and Population Estimates

Data to inform planning and decisions across the region

What's now? What's next? Our data has answers


The Regional Policy and Research team supports planning and decision-making across the Twin Cities region: 

  • We share, analyze, and discuss U.S. Census data, focusing on relevant, interesting trends and patterns.
  • We forecast long-term demographic and economic trends.
  • We calculate annual estimates of population and households for all cities and townships. 

Each of these efforts help build a shared understanding of our region's demographic, social, and economic make-up. 

Learn more about our data and methods: 

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Census data

Explore the latest ready-to-use federal data for Twin Cities geographies

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Annual population and households counts for all communities in the region

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Long-term growth of the region's population, households, and jobs to 2040