Regional Bicycle Transportation Network (RBTN)

Regional Bicycle Transportation Priorities

The Regional Bicycle Transportation Network (RBTN) was established in the 2040 TPP in January 2015.  See the 2040 TPP Bicycle and Pedestrian Chapter for more background and details on the RBTN.
An interactive map of the RBTN is available:

RBTN Update

The RBTN is being modified as part of the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan Update process.  In 2017 Metropolitan Council staff met with local officals to consider changes and has compiled a list of the proposed changes to the RBTN.  These draft changes are the aggreated by county in a list.  A map of the changes for each county are forthcoming.  
Anoka ( 1 page, 192 KB pdf)
Carver  ( 1 page, 271 KB pdf)
Dakota ( 2 pages, 286 KB pdf)
Hennepin ( 2 pages, 481 KB pdf)
Ramsey ( 2 pages, 501 KB pdf)
Scott ( 2 pages, 276 KB pdf)
Washington ( 2 pages,278 KB pdf) 


Questions about the RBTN should be directed to Steve Elmer at