System Studies and Reports

Maximum Mode Shift Study

2024 Maximum Mode Shift Study

This study estimates the maximum amount of mode shift possible given existing transportation infrastructure, land use, and travel patterns. Unlike travel forecasting models, this project does not model changes to the transportation system, population size, or where people live, work, shop, and travel. By analyzing the current system, the project estimates the baseline potential for behavioral changes alone to reduce vehicle miles traveled and increase the share of trips made by walking, transit, or biking.

Transportation System Performance Evaluation

2023 Transportation System Performance Evaluation

This report is a comprehensive review of the Twin Cities transportation system. It reviews the changing demographics of the region, focusing on population and employment changes from 2013 to 2018. Each modal chapter includes an existing system description, a review of the system performance where data is available, and a discussion of issues and trends for that system.

Equity Evaluation of Regional Investments

2023 Equity Evaluation of Regional Transportation Investments

The Met Council is evaluating the equity impacts of processes that fund, plan, and select regional transportation projects. The investments the Met Council makes, and how those investments are prioritized, can have long and lasting impacts on communities, neighborhoods, and families.

Regional Travel Demand Management Study

2023 Regional Travel Demand Management Study

This study will prepare a set of targeted travel demand management strategies that can support regional planning goals and objectives, identify short and long-term opportunities and challenges in the region, and better support regional travel demand management.

Transportation Needs in Daily Life

2023 Transportation Needs in Daily Life

The Met Council is leading a study to understand why and how residents in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region travel in their daily lives. This study will collect stories about how people travel using interviews and small group discussions.

Mobility Hub Planning Guide

2022 Mobility Hub Planning Guide

The planning guide is a tool for local and regional stakeholders to assist in developing mobility hubs. The guide is broken into three modules so readers can start reading wherever they are in the hub planning process.

Electric vehicle planning study

2021 Electric Vehicle Planning Study

This work resulted in three reports that cover a summary of the electric vehicle landscape, an analysis of equity in electrification strategies, and a set of recommendations that the Met Council can carry out to accelerate adoption of the benefits of electric vehicles.

Travel Behavior Inventory

Travel Behavior Inventory

Collecting information on day-to-day travel is vital for local, county, and regional agencies to plan for future transportation needs. That’s why the Metropolitan Council collects a suite of data that gives regional insights into how people use the transportation system.