Regional Bicycle Transportation Network

Cover of Chapter 7 of the Transportation Policy Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Involvement. The Regional Bicycle Transportation Network (RBTN) is the official regional bikeway network that sets the region’s priority vision for planning and investment. The network was established in 2014 based on a Regional Bicycle System Study analysis and prioritization of potential corridors. This analysis was based on factors such as bicycle trip demand, network connectivity, social equity, population and employment density, and connections to transit.

The purpose of the RBTN is shaped by the following goals:

  • Establish an integrated and seamless network of on-street bikeways and off-road trails
  • Provide the vision for a “backbone” arterial network to accommodate daily bicycle trips by connecting regional destinations and local bicycle networks
  • Encourage cities, counties, parks agencies, and the state to plan and implement future bikeways in support of the network vision

In support of these overall goals, cities and counties are encouraged to plan and implement the network and its connections to local bikeway networks through local bicycle, transportation and/or comprehensive plans.

RBTN Interactive Mapping Application

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