Federal Grants Management

The Council receives federal funding — primarily from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) — to support locally planned, constructed and operated public transportation systems. The Council is responsible for managing federally-funded transit projects in accordance with federal requirements.

Some projects are implemented by subrecipients (or subgrantees) through FTA financial assistance awarded by the Council. Managing Federally Funded Projects: A Project Manager's Guide (119 pages, pdf) provides both Council staff and subrecipients with guidelines on all aspects of the grant process, from initial application through invoicing and reporting requirements.

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Mary Gustafson, Grants Manager, mary.gustafson@metc.state.mn.us, 612.349.7603

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

Cyrenthia Jordan, Director of Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, cyrenthia.jordan@metc.state.mn.us, 651.602.1085


Jody Jacoby, CCPO, Director of Procurement, jody.jacoby@metc.state.mn.us, 651.602.1144
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