Elizabeth's Transit Story

Connections to community and opportunity

More than a transportation service, Metro Mobility is a connection to community and opportunity

Liz is naturally optimistic and cheerful. She enjoys social activities, her job, and going to the mall.  Due to a learning disability, however, she can’t drive. For Liz, Metro Mobility is a critical link to a full and independent life.
Liz lives in Plymouth and is quick to point out that Metro Mobility isn’t perfect. She’s not shy about telling anyone who will listen that she’s a grateful customer but she’d like more service, and more service hours. Sometimes the ride to work takes many times longer than a car ride. Sometimes she has lost jobs she liked because her employer needed her to work during hours that Metro Mobility doesn’t provide service.
Less service would make Liz more dependent on other people like her mom, or staff at her apartment complex, whose resources are already stretched. Furthermore, it would jeopardize her ability to get to another key destination: the gym.
By getting to and working out at the YMCA Liz was able to lose weight and get off her medication for diabetes. She credits friends and volunteers for her accomplishment and her smile brightens the room when she gets compliments on her success. 
Terriann Thommes is the Director of Advocacy and Volunteer Resources for Hammer in Wayzata, which provides support services for Liz and others with developmental disabilities. She says Metro Mobility is more than a transportation service; it’s a connection to community that opens up a world of opportunity.