Transit Stories

Testimonials from transit users


Chris Buhl, Metro Mobility customer. Link to more information and a video interview.Chris Buhl, Metro Mobility customer

Given physical limitations, Chris Buhl relies on Metro Mobility for mobility and independence. While most people have multiple transportation options for running errands, getting to appointments and social activities, and being active, Chris says some people have only one: Metro Mobility. His aunt and advocate, Marilyn Parker, says the service is imperative to families like hers, and calls Metro Mobility a “life saver.”

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Chris's transit story.

Elizabeth, Metro Mobility Customer.  Link to more information and a video interview.Elizabeth, Metro Mobility customer

It sounds cliché, but Liz really is a ray of sunshine. She is thrilled to be in the company of others and feels happy and fulfilled. But there’s a catch: getting where she needs to go, when she needs to get there. Because she has a learning disability, Liz can’t drive. She calls transportation one of her “larger difficulties as a person with a developmental disability.” Liz relies on Metro Mobility as a tether to a vibrant and healthy life, and the opportunity to give back.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Liz's transit story.

Rochelle James, Metro Transit Customer. Link to more information and a video interview.

Rochelle James, Metro Transit customer

Rochelle James can drive a car, but when it’s practical she prefers to take transit. It takes the stress out of travel, and gives her time to daydream and enjoy the beauty of the city. For Rochelle, a veteran with a service-related disability, transit represents freedom and connection. Riding transit is also a way to care for the planet, she says. 

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Rochelle's transit story.


Terriann and Zaimah; link to video interview

Terriann & Zaimah, Metro Mobility customer and advocate

Maybe you know someone who has your back. People who live in Hammer Residences have Terriann Thommes. Terriann is an advocate on behalf of people with developmental disabilities like Zaimah, who has a 16-year-old daughter with a physical disability, and a job she wants to keep. Zaimah relies on Metro Mobility for a job and income. Like Terriann says, Metro Mobility is a lot more than transportation. It means you belong.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Terriann & Zaimah

Jilla Nadimi; link to Jilla's transit story.Jilla Nadimi, Metro Transit customer

Jilla Nadimi can drive, but she doesn’t. Right now she doesn’t want to, and she doesn’t think she should have to. For her, investment in the region’s transit system will pay off. And for Millennials like her, she says it’s critical that we invest so our region keeps pace with other communities that are investing in transit.

INTERVIEW: Jilla's Transit Story


Chris Bates

Christopher Bates, Metro Transit customer

Buses, light rail, Metro Mobility – Chris Bates relies on all of them to get to medical appointments, visit his sister, and enjoy sports and arts venues. As a retiree with a fixed income, be believes he and his generation have “paid their dues” and should be able to rely on transit to get to where they need to go. Chris advocates for a strong transit system to generate more development, more jobs and increased tax revenue.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Chris's Transit Story