Rochelle's Transit Story

Prefers to avoid the stress of driving

Connecting with people, leaving the stress of driving behind

For Rochelle James, a veteran with a service-related disability, transit represents freedom and connection.

“Freedom is important,” she said. “For me, riding Metro Transit creates that feeling of just being free. Not worrying about anything.”

For many years, Rochelle didn’t drive. But even now that she has a car, she chooses transit to get to many destinations.

“Driving is very stressful. [On transit] I don’t have to worry about someone else being careless, running a red light, not paying attention. It frees you up to do so many things.” On the train, she enjoys the beauty of the city, the nature all around her, and watching people.

“Metro Transit helps people connect,” she said. “It is a vital part of people’s lives, to help them get to where they need to be.”

Rochelle also has a concern for future generations and the planet.

“When you look at how is it that humans can be more responsible for taking care of Mother Earth, this is the way—to provide ways for people to get to where they are going without having to use automobiles. Being able to get to where you need to go quickly, efficiently… we need more of it.”

“You know it really is the way of the future.”