Terriann and Zaimah's Transit Story

Getting around can be a “mountain to climb” if you have a disability

Terriann and Zaimah share something important; their connection to Hammer Residences, a non-profit that provides support to people with developmental disabilities.

Terriann is the Director of Advocacy and Volunteer Resources and Zaimah is a resident.
Because of her disability, Zaimah can’t drive and relies on Metro Mobility to get her to and from her job, which helps to put food on the table for her and her 16-year-old daughter. She says sometimes it’s “crazy hard,” but she loves being a mom. She takes pride in being a hard worker; responsible and helpful to customers. She also wants to be on time.
Terriann is a tireless advocate for people like Zaimah, for whom transportation is a critical link to family, work, community, and all the other things that people rely on to lead a happy and fulfilled life.
She knows Zaimah would like to work more, but travel time on Metro Mobility and limited service hours in suburban areas can be a barrier.

“Transportation can be difficult under the best of circumstances” said Terriann. “Add a disability, poverty, and children and it can be a mountain to climb.”
Terriann says people with disabilities contribute significantly to society and the cost of investing in transportation falls far short of the alternative.
“When people feel trapped in their homes, depression goes up, mental health issues go up, they can’t work and their dependence goes up,” she said. “People need to get out and feel like they belong to, and are part of, a community.”