MCES Capital Program

The MCES Capital Program consists of the following components:

  • Authorized Capital Program (ACP)
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Authorized Capital Program (ACP)

The ACP provides multi-year authorization to spend on project costs where funding has been secured and the Council has given final approval to proceed. It is the total amount of all past and present approvals from the Council.

The 2018 ACP consists of the previously approved ACP; plus, the authorization for three new projects; authorization adjustments to existing projects; and the deletion of completed and closed-out projects. The changes are summarized below.

Summary of Authorized Capital Program (ACP) Changes  
Previous Authorized Capital Program (ACP) $924,140,000
Adjustments to Existing Projects $193,811,296
Deleted Completed Projects ($204,221,296)
Added Three New Projects $24,500,000
Total All Changes $14,090,000
Approved 2018 ACP $938,230,000


Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The CIP is the six-year capital investment plan. The Council has not given final approval to these investments. These proposed investments and the year that it is anticipated that the Council will be asked to move them into the ACP is summarized below.

Capital Program

The Capital Program consists of the ACP plus the CIP. Table 10 (PDF) from the Metropolitan Council’s 2018 Unified Budget summarizes the MCES 2018 - 2023 Capital Program.

Capital Budget and Projected Expenses

The Capital Budget is the amount from the ACP that is expected to be spent in that given year. It cannot be exceeded without formal Metropolitan Council action. The adopted MCES 2018 Capital Budget is $173 million. As depicted below, the projected capital expenses for the 2018-2023 timeframe are $905 million. The projected expenses are utilized in the development of the debt service numbers in the MCES' Capital Finance Plan.

More information on the 2018-2023 budget: