SAC basics for local government

City staff member.The Metropolitan Council imposes a fee on its local government customers called the Sewer Availability Charge, or SAC. We charge SAC whenever:
  • A residential, commercial, industrial or institutional property connects to the regional wastewater (sewer) system for the first time.
  • When a business grows or changes and creates more potential demand on the wastewater system.
As a local government, you will pass the SAC fee along with possible local fees to the business or property owner, or you may raise the revenue in other ways. Most local governments charge SAC when they issue a building permit for either a new building or a remodel, or when they issue a connection permit for an existing building that is connecting to the wastewater system for the first time.

How is SAC calculated?

One SAC unit equals 274 gallons of maximum potential daily wastewater flow. A freestanding, single-family residence is charged one SAC unit, a base unit. Other types of buildings pay a SAC fee based on the maximum potential demand on the wastewater system.

The rate for one SAC unit in 2018 & 2019 is $2,485.

City Determination Worksheet (xls).

Local government staff may determine (calculate) SAC on residential and commercial properties or have the Council complete determinations on commercial properties. The Council makes SAC determinations on all industrial properties.

The SAC program and how determinations are made

SAC Deferral Program

The Council provides local governments the option to participate in the SAC Deferral Program to defer some SAC payment obligations. The program promotes business development and helps existing residential properties on private sewers that connect to the regional wastewater system.

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