SAC basics for business and property owners

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If you start a new business, change location or change the use of your space in a way that creates more potential demand on the wastewater system, you will be required to submit for a Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) determination and possibly pay SAC.

SAC is a one-time fee that the Metropolitan Council charges local governments when:

  • A residential, commercial, industrial or institutional property first connects to the regional wastewater (sewer) system.
  • A business grows or changes and creates more potential demand on the wastewater system.

Local governments usually pass the SAC fee on to business or property owners, and they may add their own fees. If SAC is due, the local government will likely include this cost with your permit or license.

A brief description of the SAC program, what it is, how to submit for a determination, and possible financing options can be found in the "What is SAC?" flyer, below.

If you know details of the use of your business (for example, square feet, units, measurements, etc.) and are interested in estimating your Metropolitan Council Environmental Services SAC charges (before any SAC credit is applied), we have created an estimation tool for your use. You can always email us for SAC credit information.

If you are an industrial business, a description of the industrial waste program can be found here:

If SAC is due, how much will I pay my local government?

The number of SAC units you pay your local government will depend on the potential wastewater demand of your business. One SAC unit is $2,485 (2020 rate), but it could be more than one unit, depending on the size and kind of business you own.

SAC is paid every time the potential wastewater demand of the property increases. If you purchase a pre-existing business or operate a business similar in kind and size to what existed in the same space before and SAC was paid for the previous use, you probably won’t be required to pay SAC to your local government. If you purchase a pre-existing business or operate a business that is not the same and type of business that existed in the same space before, you will be required to pay SAC if the new use creates more potential demand on the wastewater system.

A new determination for the current business may still be required if there have been any changes since 2009 or since SAC was last paid. Before signing a lease, contact the Met Council to see if there are SAC credits on the site and how to submit for a determination.

Questions? Contact us

Email with your name, contact information, business or project name, location of the project and the question or comment.

You can also call 651-602-1770 for our frequently asked questions. At the end of the message you will also have the option to press 0 to leave a voicemail for a SAC representative. In the voicemail please leave your name, business or project name, your phone number, location of the project, and the reason for your call. Someone will get back to you within 1 business day.