Messages from the Council Chair

Planning for 2050: We want to hear your voice

April 2022

Chair Charlie ZelleA lot has changed in the world and the region since the Metropolitan Council developed and adopted Thrive MSP 2040. Back in 2014, the region and nation were recovering from the Great Recession. Today we find ourselves faced with the uncertainty of the global pandemic and the sharp impacts it has had on how we live, work, and play in our region.

As we turn to planning for 2050, we need to hear from you — your vision, what you value in the region, and your lived experiences. As we work to create the vision for the future, we know that the best and most effective solutions do not come from a single source but include perspectives from across our organization and from across the region.

We’re going to be reaching out to you.

State law directs the Met Council to develop a comprehensive regional plan every 10 years. We begin this planning process by analyzing the results of the Census to determine how our region’s demographics are changing. Then we make projections of population, jobs, and households out to 2050 to begin to start planning for the future.

We evaluate housing, transportation, parks, recreation, the environment, development trends, and the needs of the business community. But that analysis can only take us so far; we have to go into the world and talk to people about what they need. How we can help create opportunities for people to succeed, and for our standard of living to improve?

We can’t make good plans that impact so many key sectors in our society and economy without talking to people from all walks of life. Between now and early 2025 we will be meeting with people in every part of the seven-county metro area. We’ll analyze the opportunities and challenges for the region’s transportation, wastewater treatment, parks, land use, and housing. We will also be listening to you about what issues are most important and what we value most as we develop strategies to address our challenges and opportunities.

We need the advice of everyone from CEOs to custodians, actors to accountants, trades people, entrepreneurs, youth, and stay-at-home parents. Together, with all our voices, we will create a vision for our future.