Messages from the Council Chair

LRT/BRT system branded METRO

February 2012

One of our three key priorities here at the Metropolitan Council is to create and finance a 21st century regional transit system. The Council recently took a major step forward, thanks to the considerable input and time of residents, riders and regional partners, by giving a segment of the system its own identity.

Council Chair Susan Haigh

The region’s developing transitway network of light-rail transit (LRT) and bus-rapid transit (BRT) is now named the METRO system. Our goal in branding the new system is to establish a single consistent expectation for users of LRT/BRT services as the transitway system continues to expand.

The system will consist of transitways developed as LRT and station-to-station BRT, with each line identified with a color name:

  • Blue Line: Hiawatha LRT
  • Green Line: Central/Southwest LRT
  • Red Line: Cedar Avenue BRT
  • Orange Line: I-35W BRT

The Blue Line is currently in operation. The eastern half of the Green Line will be complete in 2014, with a western extension slated for service in 2018. The Red Line is under construction and expected to open in November 2012. The Orange Line is in development.

METRO bus rapid transit with new graphics. Link to February 2012 newsletter article with details.

Council approves METRO name, vehicle graphics for LRT/BRT transitway system.

The Central and Southwest LRT lines have one color, because when complete, that line will allow riders a “one-seat ride” from downtown St. Paul through downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie – one train will provide service to both corridors.

The Council also adopted branding elements that include the traditional Circle-T logo and designs for vehicle graphics and station signs that highlight the regional transit colors of blue, red, yellow and white.

The METRO system name identifies the developing LRT/BRT services as unique. METRO riders can expect fast, frequent, and convenient service, whether they ride the Blue Line to Target Field, the Red Line to Mall of America, or the Green Line to the State Capitol.

The vehicles, station information, and related materials on current and future LRT and BRT lines will all have the same look so riders know what to expect, even though multiple service providers in the region will be operating these services. This appearance will differentiate the METRO system from the traditional bus routes.

We’re excited to debut this system to the public and we look forward to continued collaboration with the many partners who contribute to the successful operation of this system. Look for more information about the opening of the Red Line later this year.

Susan Haigh

February 2012