Messages from the Council Chair

2040 Regional Framework

November 2011

Communities across the region recently completed their comprehensive plan updates. Here at the Metropolitan Council, the conclusion of the comprehensive plan update cycle means it is time for us to take the next step in furthering our shared vision for the region. 

Council Chair Susan Haigh
Using a series of visioning discussions and background briefings on the current Regional Development Framework, Council Members and staff are beginning the work of developing a 2040 Regional Development Framework. We anticipate having a new framework adopted by the end of 2014.

During this three-year period, extensive outreach will occur between the Council, communities, local officials, the business and nonprofit community and area residents.

The region has changed significantly since the Council developed the 2030 Framework, which projected a vision of continued economic growth and prosperity for the region, along with expansive population growth. As we know from economic and Census data, neither of these visions was fully realized.

In an era of scarce public resources, our plans must shift from preparation for robust population growth. Instead, our goal is to maximize every resource at our disposal and ensure the Council’s time is devoted to policy objectives that will positively impact our regional economy and quality of life.

Here at the Council, we’re committed to writing the 2040 Framework with the best advice we can gather from our community partners. We will reach out to local officials, stakeholders and other interested parties, but those who have opinions and advice should not wait to be asked. The challenges that face our region require us all to be proactive in our efforts to partner and collaborate on our shared vision for the future. Contact Ann Beckman at 651-602-1669 for more information.

Susan Haigh

November 2011