Messages from the Council Chair

Blue Ribbon service to the State Fair

September 2015

Council Chair Adam Duininck

During the Minnesota State Fair, Metro Transit puts all hands on deck.  There are no vacations, no idle buses, and everyone pitches in to accomplish a truly amazing task – moving a half million people to and from the fairgrounds during the 10 days of Minnesota’s Great Get-Together.
When you think about it, boarding the bus to go to the Fair is the first, and most interactive, exhibit that hundreds of thousands of fairgoers will see.  It’s an exhibit that not only brings them to the fair, but it is a smaller scale demonstration of how we move nearly 90 million people across the seven-county metro region each year.
Just as we do at the Fair, we have a network of park-and-rides for commuters, serviced by express buses.  We link light rail to local bus routes that allow you to arrive at the doorstep of your destination. 
Of course the entire system is designed to accommodate bicycles, so you can bike to the bus stop and catch your ride to the fair.  Personally, biking to the Fair makes me feel better about eating cheese curds and corn on the cob.
At the Metropolitan Council we are happy to show people how a first-rate transit system can work.