Council Close-ups

Meet the people who serve the region

Twin Cities residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life.  Have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes who help make that happen? Meet the people of the Metropolitan Council, who work to keep our water clean, our transportation systems efficient, our communities livable, our housing affordable, and our parks and trails enjoyable destinations!

Meet Katie White: Working with partners to improve regional transportation


Meet Abdiaziz Ibrahim: Helping families find safe, affordable housing

Meet Brian Davis: Water supply planning engineer and model train enthusiast

Meet Kelly Schmitz: Purchasing manager and top martial arts competitor


Meet Cyndi Harper: Planning routes for Metro Transit


Meet Bob Ebert: Business Unit Coordinator at St. Croix Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant


Meet Mark Ammend: Street supervisor for bus operators


Meet Emily Resseger: Supporting clean lakes, rivers, and streams in the region

Meet Joseph Hill: Council security guard is a documentary filmmaker and former TV news reporter


Meet Jill Hentges: Reaching out to transit riders


Meet Fai-Yee Xiong: Metro HRA Housing Coordinator 


Meet Christine Voigt: Improving wastewater treatment for 3 decades


Meet Timothy Fowler: Transit operator and instructor


Meet John Sanborn: Creating useful web applications for transit users

Meet Lalita Williams: Transit Service Center Representative

Meet Raya Esmaeili: Helping communities with their land use planning

Meet Norm Hart: Protecting the environment and serving communities

Meet Paul Burns: Helping to create more livable communities


Meet Claudia Fuentes: Outreach Coordinator 


Meet Sharay Houston: Light rail operator


Meet Joseph Kummer: Ensuring quality housing for Metro HRA


Meet Andy Streasick: Managing Metro Mobility Customer Service


Meet Jo Marthaler: Repairing Council vehicles and equipment


Meet Luis Martinez: Guiding the Council's student interns


Meet Dave Campbell: Keeping our water and environment clean

Meet Yesenia Soto: Keeping our transit system safe


Meet Sheila Williams: Connecting people with destinations


Meet Jason Willett: Passionate about energy conservation 


Meet Tara Beard: Safe, stable housing for everyone