Shared goals, problem-solving

The Council and Community Engagement Steering Committee share specific goals related to community engagement and shared decision-making.

Thrive MSP 2040 specifically commits to creating public engagement that:

  • Defines consistent expectations for how the Council will engage with the region’s residents and constituencies

  • Evaluates how engagement will support policy, planning and operational decisions

  • Collaborates and consults with members of the community, especially historically under-represented populations

  • Focuses on developing lasting relationships with the region’s residents and constituencies

  • Highlights best practices for engagement in the region

  • Works toward making decisions with people, not for people

The Community Engagement Steering Committee purpose is to ensure underrepresented communities are a powerful voice in creating an equitable regional transit system. They commit to working with community stakeholders and policy makers to:

  • Set regional standards for community engagement.

  • Ensure underrepresented communities can leverage community benefits.

  • Secure equitable development from public investments within our regional transitway corridors.

  • Provide a space for grassroots groups to learn from and support each other.

  • Expand resources to build the capacity of community groups to influence transitway planning.

  • Consult and advise Community Engagement Team, policy makers, and project managers on matters relating to community engagement across transit corridors.

The two groups met for several months and created shared definitions of engagement and key principles for successful and equitable engagement. The Community Engagement Steering Committee also helped connect the Council to community to gather input and feedback about the proposed strategy.
Following this process, the Council’s plan was reviewed by peer organizations in the community engagement profession to test and refine it and develop a strategy for implementing it internally.

Community Engagement Steering Committee members participating in this process:

Asad Aliweyd, New American Academy 
Tabitha Benci-DeRango, Engage Eastside
Ann Beuch, Blake Road Corridor Collaborative 
Denise Butler, ACER 
Rick Cardenas, Advocating Change Together 
Gene Gelgelu, African Economic Development Solutions
Metric Giles, Neighborhood Stabilization Project
Ishmael Israel, Northside Residents Redevelopment Council/ Northside Transportation Network , North Minneapolis resident
Vaughn Larry, Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation
Bill Lerman, Jewish Community Action
Kenya McKnight, Northside Transportation Network
Aasim Shabazz, African American Leadership Forum, Masjid An-Nur
LaShella Sims, MICAH & North MPLS resident 
Carol Swenson, District Councils Collaborative 
Joo-Hee Pomplun, Asian Economic Development Association
Mason Wells, West Side Community Organization
Anne White, District Councils Collaborative
Ned Moore, Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing
Joan Vanhala, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability