Community Choice Demonstration Program

The Community Choice Demonstration Program (CCD) is a partnership between Metro Housing and Redevelopment Authority (Metro HRA) and Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) that helps families with Housing Choice Vouchers find homes in designated Opportunity Areas. These are neighborhoods in areas that have historically been difficult for families with vouchers to move into because of systemic barriers, such as the cost of housing in these areas or a lack of eligible property owners that accept vouchers. Many families with vouchers want to move into Opportunity Areas because they offer high-quality schools and other public amenities.

The CCD is a part of a national demonstration funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The demonstration studies the effect of additional services on families’ ability to move into Opportunity Areas. Families interested in receiving services must sign up for the study and will be randomly selected to receive services. Find more information about the national demonstration.

If selected to receive services, eligible Metro HRA and MPHA families receive pre-move and post-move coaching and housing search assistance. If they choose to move to an Opportunity Area, they also receive financial assistance to help cover moving-related expenses such as security deposits and application fees. Find more information for families.

Metro HRA and MPHA have also taken steps to ensure the rental ceiling (payment standard) for homes in the Opportunity Areas are affordable for families and competitive for the property owners in the private rental market. Owners in Opportunity Areas who rent to families selected for mobility-related services receive financial incentives, including a lease-up bonus. Program staff work with families and property owners to facilitate good tenant-owner matches and positive relationships between them. Find more information for property owners.