Address Locator Tool

Clients and property owners can use this page to identify if a property is in an Opportunity Area and to find out the payment standard for the zip code where the property is located.


Enter the property address into the tool. The map will zoom to the location. Use the key to see whether the property falls within an Opportunity Area (blue) or does not (gray).

To find the payment standard, click anywhere near the property on the map and the payment standard table will appear for that zip code. For families, to find out whether you can afford your unit, please refer to your affordability calculator or budget worksheet.

Contract rent + utility allowance (utility estimate based on the utilities the tenant is responsible for) must be equal to or less than the payment standard. Some families with income may be able to afford higher rent than the payment standard. Contact [email protected] or 651-602-1231, if you have questions.