Other Transportation Studies & Reports

These transportation studies, reports, and policies inform and support the Council's federally-required planning documents (see Key Transportation Planning Documents) as well as guide decision-making about transportation services and investments. See also All Transportation Publications & Resources.

Equity Evaluation of Regional Transportation Investments

We are evaluating the equity impacts of processes that fund, plan, and select regional transportation projects. The investments the Met Council makes, and how those investments are prioritized, can have long and lasting impacts on communities, neighborhoods, and families. This evaluation will focus on the populations defined in federal Title VI and Environmental Justice laws, specifically Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and low-income communities. More about the Equity Evaluation of Regional Transportation Investments.

Regional Travel Demand Management Study

This Regional Travel Demand Management Study will prepare a set of targeted TDM strategies that will help make personal travel options more flexible, clear, or convenient, and will provide guidance on how the Met Council, its planning and implementation partners, and the private and non-profit sectors can prioritize these strategies in the region. More about the Regional Travel Demand Management Study.

Electric Vehicle Planning Study

We are laying the groundwork for electrification by studying the technical background and supportive actions regional partners can take, the investment needed to build and run a charging system, the positive impacts on climate change and public health, and the hurdles we face in adopting the technology. More about the Electric Vehicle Planning Study.

Transportation System Performance Evaluation

This 2009 document describes and evaluates the regional transit system, including transit providers, performance statistics, comparison to peer regions, capital investments, and more. More about the Transportation System Performance Evaluation.

Travel Behavior Inventory (TBI)

Every 10 years, the Council conducts a battery of surveys to find out where, how, when, how often, and why people in the region travel, to provide policymakers and researchers the most current data about travel in the region. More about the TBI.

Regional Vehicle Fleet Policy

Regional Vehicle Fleet Policy outlines federal requirements for all area transit providers. More about the Regional Vehicle Fleet Policy.