East Bethel Water Resource Recovery Facility

Location: East Bethel
Serves: 7,380 people 
Discharges to: Native prairie subsurface

Treatment: Membrane bioreactor with ultraviolet disinfection
Capacity: 410,000 gallons per day 
Sewer pipes to facility: Served by city pipes only

Protecting public health and the environment

Wastewater from the local community is transported through city sanitary sewer pipes (interceptors) to the facility. The East Bethel facility has an excellent environmental record and regularly earns state and national awards for operational excellence. It has earned a National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Peak Performance Award for perfect clean water discharge permit for multiple consecutive years.

Communities the East Bethel Facility serves

East Bethel

Unique features of the East Bethel Water Resource Recovery Facility

  • Unlike many of Metropolitan Council Environmental Services’ water resource recovery facilities, East Bethel discharges to native prairie subsurface, which is the earth directly beneath the surface of the prairie. The prairie is rich with life in the spring and early summer

General Inquiries

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