Hastings Water Resource Recovery Facility

Location: Hastings
Serves: 20,000 people
Discharges to: Mississippi River

Treatment: Advanced secondary with chlorination/dechlorination
Capacity: 2.34 million gallons per day 
Sewer pipes to facility: Served by city pipes only

Protecting public health and the environment

The original Hastings Facility was built in 1955, and the new facility was expanded and renovated between 1983 and 1986. Odor control for the aeration tanks was added in 1989 to reduce impacts to the community the facility serves.

The facility uses biological treatment technology. To reduce climate risks and impacts on water sources, treated water is discharged into the Mississippi River while thickened biosolids are hauled to the Metropolitan Water Resource Recovery Facility. The water released into the Mississippi is cleaner than the river water itself. Due to its age and location, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services plans to relocate the facility in about three to five years.

The Hastings Facility has an excellent environmental record and regularly earns state and national awards for operational excellence. It has been a National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Peak Performance award winner for perfect permit compliance across multiple consecutive years.

Communities the Hastings Facility serves


Unique features of the Hastings Water Resource Recovery Facility

  • The current facility is located in historic, downtown Hastings, and the iconic Hastings bridge is visible from the treatment facility.

General Inquiries

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