Seneca Water Resource Recovery Facility

Location: Eagan
Serves: 250,000 people
Discharges to: Minnesota River

Treatment: Advanced secondary with chlorination/dechlorination
Capacity: 34 million gallons per day
Sewer pipes to facility: 46 miles 

Protecting public health and the environment

Seneca is our third largest facility and the fourth-largest facility in Minnesota. It was built in 1972 and a 1992 expansion increased the facility treatment capacity from 24 to 34 million gallons per day.

The facility provides primary and secondary treatment to wastewater before discharging the resulting clean water to the Minnesota River. Dewatering and incineration are the methods used for disposal of the solids removed during wastewater treatment, and the resulting incinerator ash is landfilled in Rosemount.

The Seneca Facility has an excellent environmental record and regularly earns state and national awards for operational excellence. It regularly earns state and national awards for operational excellence. It has earned a National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Peak Performance Award for perfect clean water discharge permit compliance across multiple consecutive years.

Safely moving wastewater

Wastewater from eight cities is transported through 46 miles of regional sanitary sewer pipes (interceptors) to the facility.

Communities the Seneca Facility serves

Apple Valley

Inver Grove Heights

General Inquiries

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