Meeting of the Transportation Committee
Monday, January 14, 2013
Robert Street Chambers
4:00 p.m.
Committee Members
Steve Elkins, Chair Lona Schreiber, Vice Chair John Doan
Roxanne Smith Jennifer Munt Edward Reynoso
James Brimeyer Jon Commers Adam Duininck
III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - December 17, 2012 special meeting of the Transportation Committee
A. Arlene McCarthy, Director MTS
B. Brian Lamb, General Manager Metro Transit
V. TAB LIAISON REPORT – Robert Lilligren
A. Consent Items
1. 2013-21 2013-2016 TIP Amendment for the 2015-2016 Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) (Heidi Schallberg 651-602-1721)
2. 2013-22 2013-2016 TIP Amendment to add two National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) pavement preservation projects (Heidi Schallberg 651-602-1721)
3. 2013-23 2013-2016 TIP Amendment for Robert Street Improvements projects (SP#173-010-007 and #1908-84)  (Heidi Schallberg 651-602-1721)
4. 2013-24 2013-2016 TIP Amendment for Anoka County’s TH 65 Transit Service projects (Heidi Schallberg 651-602-1721)
5. 2013-12 Authorization to Execute 2013 Agreements with the Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB) (Amy Vennewitz 651-602-1058, Ed Petrie 612-349-7624)
6. 2012-18 Controlled Access Approval to reconstruct an interchange at I-494 and 34th Avenue in Bloomington, Review #21053-1 (Ann Braden 651-602-1705, Connie Kozlak 651-602-1720)
7. 2013-6 Blue Line/Northstar: Authorization to Amend Contract 08P181 Track Maintenance and Repair Services (Bruce Fenlason 612-341-5627)
8. 2013-14 Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (Green Line): Contract Amendment for Element Materials Technology (Mark Fuhrmann 651-602-1942)
B. Non-Consent Items
1. 2013-19 Authorize public hearing for 2030 TPP Amendment for Bottineau Transitway LPA and Arterial Transitway Corridors Study Results (Mary Karlsson 651-602-1819, Amy Vennewitz 651-602-1058)
2. 2013-20 Approval of Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) 2013-2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) (Russ Owen 651-602-1724, Connie Kozlak 651-602-1720)
3. 2013-16 Authorization to purchase Automated Vehicle Location/Mobile Data Computer (AVL/MDC) units from Mentor Engineering (Solicitation #12P211) (Paul Colton 651-602-1668, Gerri Sutton 651-602-1672)
4. 2013-15 Project Manager Contract Recommendation (Solicitation #12P197) (Paul Colton 651-602-1668, Gerri Sutton 651-602-1672)
5. 2013-25 Authorization to Amend Contract 11P032A for Premium Same Day and Peak Demand Overflow Service (Paul Colton 651-602-1668, Gerri Sutton 651-602-1672)
6. 2013-5 Use of Northstar Supplemental Contingency Funds and Subordinate Funding Agreement #22 (Ed Byers 612-349-7080)  link to presentation
7. 2013-7 Property Acquisition for I-35E and County Road E Park-and-Ride, Vadnais Heights (Julie Quinn 612-349-7333) link to presentation
8. 2013-1 Accept Title VI Policies on Major Service Change, Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden for Public Review (Cyndi Harper 612-349-7723, John Levin 612-349-7789)  link to presentation
9. 2013-13 Light Rail Vehicle Weight Incentive Contract Amendment (Mark Fuhrmann 651-602-1942)
10. 2013-17 Northstar – Ratification of a Justification for and Declaration of Emergency for the Repair of Locomotive 501 (John Paul Zanaska 612-349-7083)
1. Performance Based Planning Study (Mark Filipi 651-602-1725, Amy Vennewitz 651-602-1058)
2. BRT/Small Starts Project Office Overview (Charles Carlson 612-349-7639)
3. Arterial BRT System Name Update (Charles Carlson 612-349-7639)
4. Draft 2013 Transportation Committee Work Plan (Arlene McCarthy 651-602-1754, Brian Lamb 612-349-7510)  link to TC work plan
SW Action taken by Committee and Council the same week
* Additional materials included for items on published agenda
** Additional business item added following publication of agenda
*** Backup materials available at the meeting