Messages from the Council Chair

The Met Council is a great place to work

November 2016

Survey after survey shows us that the number-one reason people remain in a particular job is because they feel that their contribution is valued and they are making a difference. That is why the Met Council is a great place to work, and I’d like to encourage more people, from different walks of life to come and work for us.
Council Chair Adam DuininckWe have a big job. As the primary planning entity for the seven-county metropolitan area it’s our job to reach out to over 180 communities and work on building a more prosperous region with a high quality of life for our residents. In addition to that, the Minnesota Legislature has also tasked us with operating the region’s transit system, treating the wastewater of communities across the region, and providing funding and resources for our world-class regional park system.
Our team is made up of over 4,200 talented professionals. The professions represented are varied from bus drivers and mechanics to logistics experts, IT specialists, scientists, law enforcement professionals and facilities maintenance professionals. Every member of our team is supporting a central mission of improving our region.

Benefits and compensation may not be the top reason that people choose to stay in their jobs, but they’re right up there when it comes to retention. The Met Council offers competitive wages and benefits.
Link to Council Close-ups: video interviews with Council employees.We are striving to have a staff that is made up of professionals who reflect the community we serve, people from diverse backgrounds, including veterans, people with disabilities and people for whom English is not their first language – everyone is welcome on our team. I hope you take a minute to consider working with us. If you’re already in a job you like, then mention us to a friend or acquaintance who is looking for a new opportunity. You can follow these links to learn more:

Adam Duininck
Chair, Metropolitan Council