Waiting List and Applications

Applying for Section 8 Assistance

The waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is closed. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the waiting list re-open?
A: We are unsure when the waiting list will re-open.  The opening will be widely publicized on our website and at www.housinglink.org

Q: I applied for the waiting list, how do I find out my status?
A: Log into www.waitlistcheck.com to find your status
  • If your application is marked ACTIVE, your application was selected in the lottery.  You will need to log into www.assistancecheck.com and create an account using the 6 digit Assistance Check PIN.  

  • If your application is marked INACTIVE, your application was not selected in the lottery. 

Q: My status says inactive.  Why?  
A:  Your name was not selected in the random lottery.  

Q: Why didn’t I qualify for the lottery? 
A: There was nothing you did to not qualify.  Placement on the list was done through a random selection through the computer.

Q: My status says active, what do I do now? 
A: You will need to log into www.assistancecheck.com and set up an account.  Follow the instructions carefully when setting up your account. 

Q:  I am trying to set up my account in www.assistancecheck.com and it’s not accepting the PIN Number.  
A: The ASSISTANCE CHECK PIN Number is a 6 digit number that was provided on your application receipt.  Make sure that you are not entering in the Application ID.   

Q: I have set up my account on www.assistancecheck.com.  What do I do now? 
A: You will wait for your name to be selected from the list.  Please use www.assistancecheck.com to report any changes.  

Q:  How long will I have to wait? 
A: We anticipate that all applicants will be selected within 3 years.  

Q: My status says I am active.  Can I go get an apartment now? 
A: You have applied for the wait list.  You may wait 3 years for assistance.  Final eligibility is determined when your name is selected from the list.

On the waiting list? Keep your information current

If you are currently on the Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List, you must report any changes in address or family size.  To make the changes, log in to your  www.assistancecheck.com account.

If you move and we are unable to locate you, your name may be removed from the waiting list.

More Resources

All of Metro HRA's federally subsidized housing vouchers are in use and helping low-income families pay rent. 

However, there are other metro-area agencies that administer housing programs and provide assistance to people seeking affordable housing. Please visit HousingLink, Minnesota's primary source for affordable housing-related openings, data, information and resources.