Moving & Portability

Your assistance MAY be able to move with you

Specific policies must be followed in order to move with continued rental assistance:

  • Your household can only receive rent assistance in one unit in any 12 month period.  If you move prior to living in a unit for 12 months, your assistance will be terminated.  

  • You must give proper notice to your landlords according to the terms of the lease.  You must also give Metro HRA written notice at least 60 days before moving.

  • An exception may be considered in accordance with the Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA) or as a reasonable accommodation request.

Where can I move?

  • Section 8 assistance can be used anywhere in the United States where a housing authority operates the program. 

  • If you are moving to a unit outside of the Metro HRA service area (portability), the program rules will change. The new housing authority may have different rules regarding bedroom size, eligibility, etc.

  • Moving outside of the Metro HRA service area may cause delays in the start of your rental assistance in your new unit.  The new Housing Authority must approve the unit and it must pass an inspection.


The term used for a move to an area outside of where you received your voucher is called Portability.  You may be able to use your assistance to move anywhere in the United States to an area that administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program. 

However, the Portability process MAY DELAY the start of your rental assistance in your new unit.  Each agency has their own rules/policies that they have developed through the guidance of the federal regulations for the program. When you move or “port out” of the Metro HRA area of service, the rules of the agency that services the community you move to will apply. 


Metro HRA Service Area; see larger PDF with list of Metro HRA communities.



Twin Cities Section 8 programs. See larger PDF map showing all Twin Cities Section 8 service providers.