Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Federally-funded transportation improvements for the region

Public comment period closed

The public comment period ran from June 22 through Aug. 10 and brought in more than 200 commenters. The Transportation Improvement Program and public comment report will go before the Transportation Advisory Board on Aug. 19 for recommended approval to the Metropolitan Council, Minnesota Department of Transportation, and federal agencies on the following schedule:
  • Transportation Committee: September 14
  • Metropolitan Council: September 23
  • MnDOT inclusion into State Transportation Improvement Program: September/October
  • Federal approvals: November/December

About the TIP

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) describes all proposed federally-funded transportation projects within the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan, including highway, transit, bike and pedestrian enhancements.

The TIP is required for federal funding, and is updated each year by the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) and the Council, with assistance from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is required to prepare the TIP as a short-range programming document that complements its long-range transportation plan.

TIP, the Metropolitan Council, and the Transportation Advisory Board

The Met Council prepares the TIP in cooperation with MnDOT. The TIP includes federal funds allocated through the regional solicitation process, and federal formula funds programmed by MnDOT, the Council and transit providers. The projects contained in the TIP must be consistent with and implement the region’s transportation plan and priorities as well as the State Implementation Plan for air quality.

The TIP and TIP amendments (other than program year changes) are adopted by the TAB and sent to the Council for concurrence. The TAB's action is returned for revision only if the Council finds the TIP to be inconsistent with Council policy.

The 2020-2023 TIP

Previous TIPs

For older Transportation Improvement Programs, see Previous TIPs.

Annual Obligated Projects Reports

Every year, dating to 2015, the Council prepares an annual listing of projects obligated from the TIP in the previous fiscal year.

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