Project Facts

Numbers, Dates and Frequently Asked Questions

Project at a Glance

  • Service began June 14, 2014 as the METRO Green Line
  • An eleven-mile route that connects downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul by way of the University of Minnesota and University Avenue
  • Eighteen new stations, plus five stations shared with the Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT) in downtown Minneapolis
  • Total project budget of $957 million, funded by a combination of federal, state and local sources
  • Projected ridership of over 40,000 weekday boardings in 2030
  • More than 5,500 construction, engineering and other workers have been employed on the Project
  • Operations and Maintenance Facility located in downtown St. Paul
  • Forty-seven new Light Rail Vehicles were built
  • Heavy construction began in 2010 and ended in 2012
  • More than 12,000 tons of rail were required for the project

Frequently Asked Questions

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Project Timeline

The history of the METRO Green Line began with initial environmental studies in 2001. Learn more about the history of the METRO Green Line.