Following the the METRO Green Line's transition to revenue operation on June 14, 2014, all calls and questions are directed to Metro Transit’s Customer Service. Please contact our Customer Service representatives at 612-373-3333 or fill out the online comment form. 

Media Inquiries & Data Requests

Media queries and requests for data should be directed to:

Drew Kerr

Metro Transit Communications

The Metropolitan Council Data Access Procedures document describes procedures for requesting public, private or confidential data maintained by the Council, including data related to the METRO Green Line (Central Corridor LRT) Project.


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Upcoming Events
  • Housing forums are April 26 and May 10

    The Governor’s Housing Task Force will be holding two regional forums in the Twin Cities to inform the development of Task Force recommendations. 

    Date: 4/26/2018
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Location: Two locations - see details.

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  • 2019 MCES Open House & Budget Workshops are May 24, June 7

    Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) will be hosting its annual open house and workshop for city officials (elected and staff) to discuss MCES’ financial structure, budget trends and capital needs. 

    Date: 5/24/2018
    Time: 9:00 AM
    Location: Two locations - see details.

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