METRO Blue Line Extension

Minneapolis & northwestern communities

The METRO Blue Line Extension light rail transit project will extend the existing Blue Line from Target Field Station northwest to Brooklyn Park and connect communities along the way. Learn more information about the project.

Blue Line Extension project goals, benefits, and next steps

In September 2023, elected officials and community and business representatives on the Corridor Management Committee endorsed a proposed route for the Blue Line Extension informed by community feedback and engineering analysis to study further through the federal environmental process. Learn more about the project by watching our new overview video:

Solid line on 21st Ave N, south on Washington Avenue, west curving around on 10th Avenue to Target Field Station. Dotted line cuts to the west of the solid line from 17th to 10th.

Share your thoughts on the recommended North Loop route

Blue Line Extension project staff are recommending a route to best serve the North Loop neighborhood based on community feedback and engineering analysis. The proposed route (solid line) would use 10th Avenue to Washington Avenue to connect to 21st Avenue, where it would cross I-94.

A secondary option (dashed line) is also being evaluated that would run along the east side of I-94 from 10th Avenue to 17th Avenue, where it would connect with Washington Avenue before crossing I-94 at 21st Avenue.

What do you see as the potential benefits and drawbacks of these routes?

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Interactive map

Our interactive map has been updated as of September 2023 to reflect the proposed route being studied in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.

Open a larger version of the map to explore and comment. The map is supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers.

Interactive map of Blue Line Extension station locations

About the Blue Line Extension

METRO Blue Line Extension

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