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Outreach Coordinators

Photo of Nkongo Cigolo

Public Involvement Manager

Nkongo Cigolo
[email protected]

Nkongo Cigolo (pronounced NEN-kong-go SEEG-uh-lo) was formerly an outreach coordinator for the Central Corridor LRT Project (METRO Green Line) and the METRO Green Line Extension Project. He speaks Swahili, French, two dialects of Bantu, and English. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Photo of Joanna Ocasio-Maisonet

Brooklyn Park and Crystal

Joanna Ocasio-Maisonet
[email protected]

Joanna Ocasio-Maisonet served as an outreach coordinator for Metro Transit before joining the Blue Line Extension project. She comes with more than 10 years of engagement experience.

Photo of James Mockovciak


James Mockovciak
[email protected]

James Mockovciak (pronounced Moh-KOV-ee-ack) has many years of outreach experience both in the United States and internationally. Mockovciak has a master’s degree in international development from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

Photo of Kaja Vang


Kaja Vang, Associate Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

Kaja Vang previously served as the community engagement coordinator for Three Rivers Park District and has extensive experience working with the youth. Vang is a graduate of St. Thomas with a degree in environmental science.

Speaker requests

To request a speaker for a community meeting or other event, please contact:

Nkongo Cigolo, Public Involvement Manager
[email protected]

Data requests

Metropolitan Council Data Access Procedures describes procedures for requesting public, private, or confidential data maintained by the Council, including data related to the METRO Blue Line Extension project. The project's Responsible Authority for data requests: [email protected]

Media inquiries

Media organizations should direct requests for information to:

Laura Baenen
[email protected]

Station area planning

Hennepin County's Bottineau LRT Community Works program is looking at how transit stations will fit into surrounding neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life for people who live, work, play, visit, and worship in the corridor.

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