Green Line Videos

This page collects videos produced by the Metropolitan Council and Metro Transit about the METRO Green Line.  These videos, and many more dealing with transit projects and other functions of the Metropolitan Council and Metro Transit, are available on the Metropolitan Council YouTube channel.

The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative (CCFC) produced several videos on the METRO Green Line, which are available on the CCFC YouTube channel.

METRO Green Line Second Anniversary

An overview of the Green Line as it completes two years of passenger service.

METRO Green Line First Anniversary

A look back at the launch of the Green Line and its first year of passenger service.

A Magnet for Housing Development

This video looks at new residential development along the Green Line and the line's impact on housing in the Twin Cities.

Business and Entertainment

This video highlights businesses and the vibrant cultural scene along the Green Line.

Time Lapse: Lowertown to Target Field

This video, produced just before the Green Line began passenger service, takes you on a whirlwind trip from downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis.

Central Corridor Tree Trenches

Stormwater infiltration trenches along University Avenue help reduce runoff and keep the corridor green.