Executive Change Control Board

The Executive Change Control Board (ECCB) ensures orderly and appropriate coordination of significant changes to the project baseline cost, including the use of Project Cost Contingency.

Upcoming Green Line Extension ECCB Meeting-Conference Call Only


Special ECCB Meeting
Monday, June 14, 2021
2:30 PM

Join from the event link https://metrocouncil.webex.com/metrocouncil/j.php?MTID=m4a7768b9f4432a695b0d34517d3e2f72
Event Password:  1234

1-855-282-6330 United States Toll Free
Event Number:  146 931 4251
Event Passcode:  1234    

Meeting Date Agenda & Video Minutes Presentations
11/13/2020 Agenda Minutes
10/30/2020 Agenda Minutes
10/9/2020 Agenda Minutes
9/11/2020 Agenda Minutes
8/17/2020 Agenda Minutes
7/10/2020 Agenda Minutes
6/12/2020 Agenda Minutes
5/8/2020 Agenda Minutes
4/10/2020 Agenda Minutes
3/13/2020 Agenda Minutes