Principal Arterial Study

The Principal Arterial Study was undertaken to answer questions that arose as the Council prepared the 2004 update of the 2030 Transportation Policy Plan (TPP).  The Council, Mn/DOT Metro and Mn/DOT Central Office conducted the joint study, with analysis by staff.

The analysis included three major steps:

  1. Twelve themes were defined. Each one represented a different way to improve the system of Principal Arterial roadways in the seven-county metropolitan area. Each theme used the 2030 socioeconomic forecasts for the region. 

  2. Each theme was analyzed for its potential impacts on the system and compared to the existing system. At least two themes included new Principal Arterials that had been requested during the 2004 TPP update and the subsequent Mn/DOT Statewide Functional Classification Study.

  3. Ultimately, the analysis of themes led to the development of four general approaches to improving the Principal Arterial System. Each approach was analyzed; this report compares the costs and benefits of each approach. 

See the Study

See the June 2008 Principal Arterial Study Summary and Conclusions (30 pages, pdf).