Metropolitan Highway System Investment Study

This 2010 study identified methods to achieve the greatest efficiency out of the Twin Cities' highway system  and manage congestion from a system-wide perspective. It was a joint effort between the Metropolitan Council and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT). The strategy identified in the study was reflected in proposed amendments to the Council's 2030 Transportation Policy Plan adopted in 2009.   The study proposed a future transportation investment strategy that optimizes the highway capacity in the region by using multimodal-oriented managed lanes and comprehensive system management strategies. This strategy enables  travelers to opt their way out of congestion.

MHSIS Report


MHSIS Appendices


Appendix A: Detailed Corridor Evaluation Summaries (pdf) 

Appendix B: Cost Estimation and Effectiveness Summaries by Corridor (pdf) 

Appendix C: MHSIS Guiding Principles PMT Memorandum (pdf) 

Appendix D: Travel Demand Forecasting Model Tech Memorandum (pdf) 

Appendix E: ATM Model Tech Memorandum (pdf) 

Appendix F: State of the Practice Tech Memorandum (pdf) 

Appendix G: Performance Measures Tech Memorandum (pdf)

Appendices are available in other formats upon request. Send requests to [email protected].