Stormwater Reuse Guide

A guide for city planners, engineers, homeowners, and green thinkers

Stormwater Reuse Guide cover image.The Stormwater Reuse Guide introduces effective alternative techniques to reduce reliance on potable water supplies and reduce stormwater discharges to surface waters. It provides guidance to policy makers, planners, and designers who are considering a stormwater reuse project.

Why reuse stormwater?

  • Reduce the demand on existing potable water treatment and distribution infrastructure, reducing future water supply capital costs
  • Manage future demands on groundwater to ensure adequate supply into the future
  • Reduce the volume and mass loading of pollutants to surface waters
  • Create a beneficial use for stormwater runoff, an underutilized resource

Download the guide

Stormwater Reuse Guide (ZIP file with instructions)

Contains a PDF of the guide, plus six Microsoft Excel files.