Water Conservation Toolbox

Met Council staff have reviewed a wide range of literature, websites, and calculation tools to find the most relevant and useful resources for our local climate and water concerns. Find answers to common questions such as:

  • Why conserve?
  • How do I compute my water consumption?
  • What can I do to conserve at my home or business?
Family in front of house


Information that all of us can use to understand more about our water consumption at home. Businesses will also find sources of information. 

Board members


Resources for elected officials, planning departments, and other municipal staff to reference that will assist in incorporating water conservation into local comprehensive plans. Also included is information useful to site plan review staff who are reviewing projects with water conservation features.

Workers talking


Programs and practices that water suppliers could initiate to reduce system water losses, or set conservation rate structures that encourage conservation.

Kids learning


Games and other fun learning for kids and adults. Includes information for teachers to use to create water conservation learning plans and family focused activity ideas.