Water Conservation Toolbox
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Communities in the process of developing the water supply chapter of their comprehensive plans will find guidance here. In addition, there is information to assist planning and zoning department staff who are reviewing a site plan that proposes water conservation measures. Select a topic below to see an expanded list of subtopics that focus on your specific interest or question.

Comprehensive Planning

What conservation information should be contained in a Local Water Supply Plan?


 Public Water Supply Plans; Appropriation during Deficiency

MN Statute adopted in 2009 that establishes water conservation requirements for public water suppliers that construct new or increase existing appropriation of water.

 Local Planning Templates

Template containing requirements of Water Supply Plans

 Demand Reduction

Demand reduction measures required by MnDNR staring in 2015 for suppliers serving populations greater than 1000


Benchmarks and conservation requirements for requests for new water appropriation permits for water suppliers

Where is general guidance for comprehensive plans?


 Metropolitan Area Master Water Plan

Guidance, maps, templates, and studies to municipalities to reference when creating local water supply plans

 Metropolitan Council Population Forecast

Population forecasts for each Twin Cities municipality

Is there guidance for developing Local Water Supply Plans?


 Water Supply Plans Resources

Includes list of conservation and other water supply resources for development of MN Water Supply Plans

 Local Planning Handbook

Guidance on development of comprehensive plans

Zoning and Site Planning

Are there examples of building codes with water conservation requirements?

 Water Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Separate ordinances for residential and commercial buildings

Are there templates for outdoor water restriction ordinances?

Water Usage and Conservation

Sample outdoor water conservation ordinance

 Sample Ordinance

MNDNR suggested ordinance to establish sprinkling restrictions

Where can I find a model water conservation ordinance (indoor)?

 Model Water Use Conservation Ordinance 

Includes indoor water conservation ordinance language

What tools are available to assist with reviewing development plans?

Stormwater Reuse Guide

Toolbox section includes checklists to use to assess the feasibility of a stormwater reuse proposal

Wellhead Protection Guidance

Specific requirements for wellhead protection programs

 Minimal Impact Development (MIDS) Guidance

Guidance on minimizing stormwater runoff and pollution for new development, redevelopment and linear projects in Minnesota

What are water conservation requirements in the MN Plumbing Code?


 MN Plumbing Code

Plumbing requirements for Minnesota buildings.  Does not currently contain water conservation standards.