Water Conservation Toolbox

Check out these kid-friendly education materials and games. Teachers can use these materials to develop a curriculum, and families can find water conservation learning games for all ages of learners. Select a topic of interest below to see an expanded list of subtopics that focus on your specific interest or question.

Parents and Kids

Where can I find kid-friendly information?


 WaterSense for Kids

Game: Test your water sense

 The Water Page

Kid friendly activities from Seattle

 Water Cycle for Kids

Interactive water cycle for 3 age groups


Where can I find adult education materials?


 Water Conservation: Managing our Precious Liquid Asset

Water conservation video

 Learn About Water

Extensive library of water related information


Where can I find free teaching materials for kids?


 Water Science School

Pictures, data, maps for water education

 Teacher Resources

Resources and links for teaching water science

 Teacher Guide

Guidance on development of water education curriculum

 Water Works! A Drinking Water Institute for Educators

Minnesota Department of Health annual institute for Minnesota teachers