District 5 Projects

Capital Program

District 5 includes the Hennepin County cities of Bloomington, Edina, Hopkins, Richfield, and the Fort Snelling Unorganized Territory (including MSP International Airport).

Bloomington System Improvements: Project 8084

This project provides for a new Lift Station L-55 in the City of Bloomington. It also includes interceptor improvements as needed.

Hopkins System Improvements: Project 8041

This project consists of the replacement of the existing 40-year-old forcemain and lift station to provide long term, reliable service to the City of Hopkins and St. Louis Park.

Lift Station Rehabilitation: Project 8055

Includes improvements to Lift Stations L-13 L-30, L-34, L-57, and L-73. The project will replace obsolete, aging equipment and increase the lift stations' pumping capacity. Other Lift Stations to be rehabilitated include L-01, L-33, L-35, and L-66. In some cases, the lift station’s forcemain will be included in the rehabilitation.

Richfield Interceptor System Rehabilitation: Project 8087

The initial project consisted of the rehabilitation of a segment of Interceptor 1-RF-491 to ensure the 66th Street ROW was not disturbed by future 1-RF-491 lining work. That work was completed in 2017. The remaining work includes the rehabilitation of Interceptors 1-MN-346, 1-RF-490, 1-RF-492, and 1-RF-493 and the rehabilitation of Meter M130, including the replacement of the existing flume.

Seneca Interceptor System Rehabilitation: Project 8080

This project consists of the rehabilitation of portions of the interceptors that serve the Seneca WWTP. It includes Interceptors 7030, 7033, 3-BV-35 and 3-BV-39 in the City of Burnsville; Interceptors 7031, 7804, 3-BN-496, and 3-BN-499 in the City of Bloomington; and Interceptor 3-ET-37 in the City of Eagan. The project also includes improvements to the Seneca Interceptor System’s maintenance access structures (MAS).

Wastewater Reclamation Facilities: Project 8091

Provides funding for the acquisition and planning of sites for future wastewater reclamation facilities and for planning for wastewater reuse where collaboration opportunities have been identified.

In addition to the major projects, there will be interceptor rehabilitation, lift stations, and meter improvement projects located in the district.