Liquid Waste Hauler Program

Regulating disposal of hauled domestic, commercial, and industrial wastes

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) collects and treats wastewater in the Twin Cities metro area to protect public health and the environment. We own and operate nine wastewater treatment plants and over 600 miles of sewer pipe that convey wastewater from 111 communities to our treatment plants. The wastewater treated at these plants must meet strict environmental standards to ensure that receiving waters are kept clean.

Purpose of the Liquid Waste Hauler Program

  • To regulate septage and other hauled liquid waste discharged to the Metropolitan Disposal System
  • To designate and approve adequate facilities for disposal
  • To collect equitable load charges for the waste discharged

Permit required to discharge approved liquid wastes at MCES facilities

Liquid Waste Haulers that want to use MCES liquid-waste receiving facilities to discharge approved domestic, commercial, and industrial wastes must obtain a permit through the Industrial Waste and Pollution Prevention section.

How to obtain a Liquid Waste Hauler Permit

  1. Complete and submit an MCES Liquid Waste Hauler Permit Application
  2. Include the first year's permit fee with the permit application (see Rates and Fees)
  3. Obtain a Subsurface Treatment System (SSTS) license from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency if you plan to haul domestic septage

How permitted liquid waste haulers must comply with the program

  1. Fulfill all permit requirements and conditions
  2. Comply with all disposal facility rules and requirements
  3. Enroll in the MCES Industrial Online Reporting System (IORS)
  4. Submit quarterly or semi-annual reports via IORS: How to submit your discharge report (PDF) coming March 1
  5. Pay annual permit fees and load charges as assessed: Rates and Fees

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Liquid Waste Hauler Program information:

MCES rates, fees, and invoicing: Kristi Goble at or 651-602-8114

Industrial Waste and Pollution Prevention (IWPP) office: or 651-602-4703

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