Contracting Opportunities

Contracting opportunities last updated on 12/8/2022.


The Met Council's publicly advertised solicitations for contracts are listed below. For details about specific contacts, select the contract number to see the details in PDF format. For best results, use the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Requests For Proposals (RFP) and Invitations For Bids (IFB)

These opportunities include contracts with and without small business goals.

We try to ensure that information about contracts is current and accurate. However, the only information to be relied upon for a contract solicitation is the information that is distributed to persons listed with the Met Council as plan holders for that solicitation. Learn how to register as a plan holder (PDF).


Division Number Title/General Description Issue Date Due Date Type
Transit 22P322 Master Contracts for Historic Resources Analysis and Section 106 Consultation Services (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 10/27/2022 12/13/2022 RFP
Transit 22P370 LRT-LRV Type 2 Double Spring Pantographs 11/10/2022 12/15/2022 IFB
RA 22P172 Information Technology Professional Services & Staff Augmentation (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 10/31/2022 12/16/2022 RFP
Transit 22P282 Metro B Line – East Package Fiber Optic Cable 11/17/2022 12/20/2022 IFB
ES 22P076 MWWTP Water Systems Renewal & Improvements Phase 1-Distribution System Renewal (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 11/9/2022 12/20/2022 IFB
Transit 22P362 St. Paul OMF LRV Storage Barn (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 11/9/2022 12/21/2022 RFP
RA 22P220 E-Discovery Software 11/30/2022 1/2/2023 RFP
Transit 22P123 Metro Transit Security Service (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 11/30/2022 1/4/2023 RFP
ES 22P375 Master Contract(s) for Interceptor Engineering Services (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 11/29/2022 1/11/2023 RFP
LRT 22P336 Construction Cost Estimating Services (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 11/15/2022 1/11/2023 RFP
MTS 22P281
Phase II Activity SIM Implementation
12/8/2022 1/18/2023 RFP
RA 22P382
Master Contracts for Workers Compensation Legal Services
12/5/2022 1/25/2023 RFP
Transit 22P049
Systemwide JACE Replacement (Contracting - with Small Business Goal)
12/8/2022 1/26/2023 RFP
Transit 22P316 Exhaust Hose System Upgrades (Contracting - with Small Business Goal) 10/31/2022 12/6/2022 IFB
ES 22P350 Tunneling for Lake Elmo West Connection 11/3/2022 12/6/2022 PSD

MCUB Select small business opportunities

MCUB Select Opportunities are limited to MCUB-certified firms only. More information is available on the Underutilized Business Program page.

Division Number Title/General Description Issue Date Due Date Type
RA 22P384 Regional Administration Daily Mail Courier Service 11/22/2022 12/15/2022 RFQ

Small contract opportunities (under $175,000)

Division Number Title/General Description Issue Date Due Date Type
RA 22P310 Organization Development Consulting Services 11/9/2022 12/2/2022 RFP

Abbreviations key

Divisions of the Met Council

Types of Solicitation

CD - Community Development D/B - Design/Build
ES - Environmental Services IFB - Invitation for Bids
LRT - Light Rail Transit PSD - Prequalification Submittal Documents
MTS - Metropolitan Transportation Services RFP - Request for Proposal
RA - Regional Administration RFQ - Request for Quote
Transit - Metro Transit RFI - Request for Information