HRA Partnerships & Responsibilities

A three-way partnership between property owners, tenants, and the HRA

Triangle: Metro HRA - Tenant - LandlordThe Housing Choice Voucher Program is a three-way partnership between property owners, tenants, and the HRA.  Metro HRA’s success is due to the participation and cooperation of more than 2,000 property owners and managers.

The Metro HRA is committed to providing property owners and managers with the information they need to make informed decisions about participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
The HRA staff welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvements from property ownersLearn more about how to participate with our program as a property owner or manager by registering for an upcoming webinar.



  • Determines household’s eligibility and assistance level
  • Issues voucher to family 
  • Supplies family with Request for Tenancy Approval form (RTA)
  • Approves rent and tenancy
  • Performs Housing Quality Standards Inspection
  • Prepares contract and sends to owner
  • Issues housing assistance payments to owners
  • Determines Start Date of Assistance


  • Shows available unit
  • Screens prospective tenant
  • Approves prospective tenant
  • Completes RTA form
  • Provides proposed lease
  • Signs and returns contracts
  • Enforces terms of lease


  • Contacts owner for unit 
  • Expresses interest in renting unit
  • Completes RTA form with owner
  • Returns RTA to the Metro HRA
  • Abides by lease terms and program policies