Construction workers pour cement at an LRT station

Construction hotline

For urgent Southwest LRT construction issues, please call the 24-hour hotline at 612-373-3933 for assistance.  Call the hotline for problems such as blocked access to business or residential areas, improper traffic sign placement or parking issues. For general questions or comments about Southwest LRT, contact your Community Outreach Coordinator.

For emergencies, always call 911.

2020 construction schedule by corridor city

These schedules highlight major construction activities and provide a general timeline when these activities are planned to occur. The schedules will be updated quarterly to reflect a year look ahead; please note, they are subject to change.


Construction activity updates

The Met Council provides information on construction activities every Friday throughout construction. Subscribe to receive construction activity updates by email or text.

Southwest LRT Construction Update: February 21, 2020

Corridor Vibration Activities
While we strive to minimize construction disruptions, there are vibration activities that can be perceived. Since one of the project’s main activity is currently piling and sheeting, corridor neighbors can feel the vibrations generated by these activities. The good news is that by the end of the 2020 construction season, the vast majority of the piling and sheeting work will be completed. During vibratory activities, please know we use vibration monitors to ensure activities are within acceptable construction limits. As a precaution, when vibratory activities are near you, it never hurts to take valuable items off walls or shelves. Please call the construction hotline if you have any concerns about vibration activities.


Weekly Construction Photo: LRT Bridge Piers/Abutment at Valley View Road in Eden Prairie 

Crews have progressed the piers and abutments for the new LRT Bridge along Valley View Road, which includes piling and concrete work. Soon bridge girders will be put in place.


  • Expect Saturday work in Eden Prairie and St. Louis Park ongoing through the 2020 construction season. Crews are currently working Saturdays in the SouthWest Station area, Valley View Road area in Eden Prairie and at Wooddale Avenue in St. Louis Park. Saturday work will pick-up in other locations along the corridor as the spring construction season gets rolling.
  • Wooddale Avenue between West 36th Street and Highway 7 in the immediate vicinity of the Southwest Project will be reduced to one lane in each direction, anticipated the week of February 24. Crews will construct the west approach for the regional trail tunnel that will extend under the roadway. Pedestrian access will be maintained.
  • Lunda Construction Company and C.S. McCrossan Joint Venture (LMJV), along with their subcontractors, community-based organizations, and unions are holding a Southwest Light Rail Transit Construction Career Fair to discuss potential trade positions within their organizations. The event will be held March 26, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Minneapolis Urban League, 2100 Plymouth Avenue North, Minneapolis. Questions can be directed to Sannying Vang at: or 952-209-2123 ext. 246.
  • Building Strong Communities is hosting an information session about a seven-week apprenticeship in the construction trades (stipend provided). This program is for women. The Southwest LRT project has a goal of increasing the participation of women during construction. Details: Thursday, March 5 from 3:00-6:00 PM, at the IronWorkers Local 512, 851 West Pierce Butler, St. Paul.
On-going Activities Update

Eden Prairie
SouthWest Station Area
SouthWest Transit bus riders moved to a new temporary facility on January 20. See all detour maps. The former bus loop and waiting area are now part of the active construction site. Utilities have been disconnected in the former facility and demolition activities will be more noticeable in early March.
Pier work, including pile driving, for the new LRT bridge that wraps around the SouthWest Station park-and ride structure will continue into Spring 2020. Sidewalks along Prairie Center and Technology Drive remain closed, please follow local signage to ensure your safety. The right-turn lane on the eastbound Highway 212 ramp to Prairie Center Drive remains closed until Spring 2020, to accommodate the completion of retaining wall work. The retaining wall is nearly complete, crews will need warmer weather to backfill.
Traffic is routed to the HOV lane for the eastbound Highway 212 entrance from Prairie Center Drive as streetlight installation work has started. Lighting work will be ongoing until the end of February. Once the lighting work is completed the crane will be “walked” back across the entrance ramp on February 28, between 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM.   
Prairie Center Drive
On the west side of Prairie Center Drive, near Purgatory Creek Park, excavation and installation of supports for excavation for the bridge pier has begun. Piling will begin the first week of March. As work progresses, sidewalk detours will be needed, and later there will be impacts to roadways. Beginning as early as March, the outside southbound lane will be closed during non-peak hours on Prairie Center Drive between Technology Road and Singletree Lane, more detail to come.  
Eden Road Area
Retaining wall work has concluded for the winter; backfilling will resume in the spring. Expect activity in the work zone as crews prep for major Spring construction. 
LRT Bridge at I-494/Flying Cloud Drive
Crews are working on both the south and north abutments. Sheeting to support excavation and foundation piles are being installed. Pile driving activities will continue through February on the north abutment and into March on the south abutment. Traffic control barriers continue to be in place. The I-494 eastbound ramp to Highway 212 remains closed until Spring 2020. See all detour maps.
Valley View Road/Flying Cloud Drive
The lane restriction on the ramp from Valley View Road to Highway 212 continues. Traffic is being diverted onto the HOV lane and will remain in this configuration through the winter. Crews are constructing multiple piers for the new LRT bridge. The piers are at different stages of completion, with crews working on pile supports and formwork. In early to mid-March, overnight road closures will be needed to set bridge girders (support beams). We will provide notice of the date at least seven days in advance of the closure. See all detour maps.
In March, Flying Cloud Drive between Eden Road and Valley View Road will have four phases of different traffic impacts, specifically lane reductions and closures, as crews build LRT infrastructure along the north/west side of the roadway. This work will also have impacts on connecting roadways at various times. The initial phase will close the two inside lanes and traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction on Flying Cloud Drive.  The west bound exit from Highway 494 to Flying Cloud Drive will also close for the 2020 construction season. See all detour maps.
Nine Mile Creek
Pile driving for the LRT bridge structure and abutments at Nine Mile Creek will continue through the winter. Crews are working on the south abutment and piers continue to take shape. The sidewalk on the west side of Flying Cloud Drive is closed; pedestrians should use the east side.
Golden Triangle Station
Crews are removing an abandoned pipe, which includes excavation and sheet piling. Piling for LRT bridge piers picks up again next week as well as work on retaining walls. Overall, work has progressed to a point where we can shift more construction activities to daytime. Additional night work may be scheduled in the future as work between the Golden Triangle Station and the bridge over Shady Oak Road and Highway 212 continues.
Shady Oak Road/Flying Cloud Drive
Storm sewer work is underway in the area, please expect minor traffic impacts on the east side of the Shady Oak/Highway 212 intersection. Overall storm sewer work will take four months, with additional impacts anticipated.
Highway 62
The traffic lanes have been shifted to the south side of the highway corridor to accommodate tunnel construction which is underway on the north side of the highway. This traffic configuration will be in place through 2020. Crews continue excavation and sheet piling work for the LRT tunnel. In early-March crews will begin laying the bottom leveling slab of the north tunnel section.
Red Circle Drive and Yellow Circle Drive
Yellow and Red Circle Drives have been reconfigured. Yellow Circle Drive is temporarily dead ended with a cul-de-sac where it connects to Red Circle Drive, and Yellow Circle has temporarily become a two-way roadway in the area south of Blue Circle Drive. A temporary by-pass road has also been completed on Red Circle Drive. This roadway configuration will allow for ongoing tunnel construction on Highway 62 and will be in place until Fall 2020. See all detour maps.
Opus Station Area
Earthwork is underway in this area. Retaining wall work is ongoing.
Smetana Road
Smetana Road from Feltl Road to Nolan Drive is closed through 2020. A temporary bypass is in place west of the intersection of Smetana and Feltl roads to accommodate traffic in this area. See all detour maps. Watermain and sanitary sewer work continues in the area.
Feltl Court/Nolan Drive Area
Preparation work including tree clearing and ground cover removal for the Minnetonka-Hopkins Bridge has begun. Crews will start clearing work closest to the railroad line and will move south.
Downtown Hopkins Station
Work continues on the station’s structural steel elements to support the walls and roof canopy. This work will be completed the first week of March.  
Excelsior Boulevard Area
Crews continue to work on the LRT bridge and underground utilities in the area. Piers continue to take shape and work on both bridge abutments is ongoing with pile driving and sheeting work.  
Blake Road
Crews continue constructing a cut and cover tunnel for the regional trail on the west side of Blake Road. Southbound traffic will continue to be diverted to the east side of the road, with one lane in each direction, through the winter. This Spring, crews will move to the east side of the roadway and traffic will remain reduced to one lane in each direction.
St. Louis Park
Minnehaha Creek
Work on the new freight and trail bridge will continue in this area. The abutments are complete. With warmer weather in the forecast, crews will begin backfilling retaining walls in the next few weeks. Work will also pick up in the spring to set bridge girders
Louisiana Avenue
This spring crews will begin work to place bridge beams over the roadway, two overnight closures are anticipated but not yet scheduled. East of Louisiana Avenue, crews are working on the pedestrian/bike tunnel to the station. Pile driving for the retaining walls to construct the trail underpass is nearly complete and piling for the tunnel itself will start next week. Shoring and sheeting work for the southern railroad connection, that will replace the current wye track, along Oxford is beginning in March.
Wooddale Avenue
Wooddale Avenue between West 36th Street and Highway 7, in the immediate vicinity of the Southwest Project, will be reduced to one lane in each direction, anticipated the week of February 24. Pedestrian access will be maintained. Crews are constructing the west approach for the regional trail tunnel. A full road closure will be needed for 30 days, anticipated around May, more details to follow. Utility work also continues in the area, with roadway impacts to the southwest.
Highway 100
The project will be re-positioning the existing freight rail bridge and will build a new LRT bridge over Highway 100 in the Summer/Fall of 2020. Bridge abutment work is ongoing.
Beltline Boulevard
Work on the new South Cedar Lake Trail Bridge continues. Crews are installing falsework. The falsework is used to temporarily support concrete when it is placed for the bridge decking and will be removed once the concrete achieves its appropriate strength.
Kenilworth Area Construction
Sheet piling for the Kenilworth tunnel continues. One of the press-in-pilers is currently working south from 28th Street. The second press-in-piler is moving north from 28th Street on the freight rail side. It will stop short of Cedar Lake Parkway and return south, working towards Lake Street. Sheeting installation is expected to last until Summer 2020.
Tunnel excavation is anticipated to begin Spring 2020. For more information about tunnel construction, see the tunnel FAQ information under the construction tab of our webpage: A short video of the press-in-piler construction technique is also available.
In preparation for future tunnel work, a Metropolitan Council Environmental Services sanitary sewer force main needs to be temporarily relocated, with crews working around 28th Street. Xcel is moving a conflicting electrical pole from the area. After this work is complete, Dean Court will become a two-way roadway and will remain in this configuration for six to eight weeks. We anticipate the roadway reconfiguration will be implemented in early to mid-March. We will provide updates as work progresses.
Cedar Lake (Kenilworth) Channel and Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Crews are finishing the concrete for the final freight bridge pier and have removed temporary sheeting from the channel. Abutment work on the north side of the channel is ongoing. The focus will switch to concrete work and bridge spans.
21st Street
Intermittent work will continue on the retaining wall in this area.
Bryn Mawr Station Area
Crews continue earthwork in the future Bryn Mawr Station area in Minneapolis. Activities include excavating unsuitable soil followed by placing a surcharge consisting of new soil over the station area. Overall, the surcharge will remain for five months to consolidate the underlying soil so that structures can then be built.
Glenwood Avenue
Glenwood Avenue between Lyndale Avenue North and 11th Street North is closed until mid‑2021. The roadway is closed to vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic as the bridge has been removed. See all detour maps. Local access to businesses continues to be maintained. Crews have made significant progress on utility work and retaining walls in the area. Work on the west abutment for the new roadway bridge has begun.
Royalston Avenue
Work on the LRT bridge piers on the east side of Royalston Avenue is ongoing and will continue through the winter. Expect pile driving activities in this area. Northbound Royalston Avenue is reduced to one lane and southbound Royalston Avenue is closed between Border Avenue and 5th Avenue until Summer 2021. Southbound travel on Royalston Avenue, south of 5th Street, is anticipated to close this winter. We will provide a closure date a week or more before the traffic change. See all detour maps.
Regional Trails
Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail
The Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail in Hopkins is closed between Shady Oak Road and 5th Avenue South. See all detour maps.
  • The section between Shady Oak Road and 11th Avenue South is closed due to storm sewer construction activities. This portion of the trail is closed until Summer 2020. 
  • The section between 11th Avenue South and 5th Avenue South is closed until Fall 2021.

South Cedar Lake LRT Trail
The South Cedar Lake Trail from just east of the North Cedar Lake Trail connection in Hopkins to France Avenue in St. Louis Park is closed until Fall 2021. The South Cedar Lake Trail will remain open between France Avenue in St. Louis Park and Kenilworth Trail/Midtown Greenway intersection in Minneapolis. The Midtown Greenway will remain open. Currently, cross streets remain open to automobiles, bikes and pedestrians, with separate closures of roadways upcoming at various dates. See all detour maps.
In the Chowen Avenue to Lake Street area, storm sewer and watermain work has started. Work will not impact the trails, but flaggers may be in the area as construction equipment is moved.  
Kenilworth Trail Closure
The Kenilworth Trail is closed in Minneapolis at the intersection with the Midtown Greenway to just south of West 21st Street until Summer 2022. Access for automobiles, bikes and pedestrians remains open at Cedar Lake Parkway and at West 21st Street. See all detour maps.
North Cedar Lake Trail in Minneapolis
The North Cedar Lake Trail in Minneapolis from Linden Yards located west of Van White Boulevard to east of Royalston Avenue is closed until mid-2021. See all detour maps.
Crews constructed a temporary trail bypass in the area where the North Cedar Lake Trail connects to the Kenilworth Trail. Signage is in place to direct trail users onto this newly constructed segment. This work is in preparation for station construction in Spring 2020. 
Please note, construction vehicles cross the trail as they enter and exit staging areas. Construction vehicles yield to trail users but please be aware that you may encounter construction traffic in this area. Anticipate flaggers in this area as earthwork activities begin in the Bryn Mawr Station area in the next few months.

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