District 8

Capital Program & Projects

Note: Capital Program districts are based on the former Met Council district boundaries (2013-2023) and will be updated in 2024 to reflect the current Met Council district boundaries adopted in 2023. District 8 includes the Hennepin and Ramsey County parts of the city of St. Anthony and the portion of Minneapolis described as follows: east of a line beginning where the centerline of Lyndale Avenue South intersects the southern boundary of the city of Minneapolis to the intersection of Lyndale Avenue South and 42nd Street, then east along 42nd Street to the centerline of Cedar Avenue South, then north along the centerline of Cedar Avenue South to the intersection with Minnehaha Avenue, then northeast along the centerline of 20th Avenue South to the median of Interstate 94, then west along the median of the interstate to the median of 8th Street South/Hiawatha Avenue, then northwest to the median of Interstate 35W, then northeast along the median of the interstate to the centerline of the Mississippi River, then following the centerline of the river west and north to where it intersects with the northern boundary of the city of Minneapolis.

Lift Station Rehabilitation: Program 8055

Capacity and condition assessments are being conducted along with regulatory reviews to identify system-wide lift station upgrades. These upgrades extend the life of facilities, reduce the risk of spills, and improve the safety of staff who operate and maintain lift stations.

Meter Improvements: Program 8056

This program provides funding to upgrade MCES’s ability to measure flows for billing, operational, and planning purposes and standardize meter equipment at similar facilities.  Meter improvements include meter rehabilitation or replacement, planning meter installation, and new meter installation.

Minneapolis Interceptor Rehabilitation: Program 8076

This Program provides funding to address capital improvements for the interceptors that serve Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

Regional Plant Improvements: Program 8090

This program includes miscellaneous projects to rehabilitate failing facilities, address Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) sources, and addressing general needs of the interceptor system not programmed into a region or facility specific program. This program also includes additional condition assessment work to complement the internal inspections work completed by operations. Office space planning and design to accommodate all the staff assigned to the Regional Maintenance Facility, and property transfer between Council and municipalities for public benefit. 

Minneapolis Interceptor System Rehabilitation, Phase 2: Program 8092

This program includes facility planning and new projects to address aging infrastructure within or contributing to the City of Minneapolis. Potential projects include Interceptor 1-MN-340 Capacity Relief Study and Interceptor 1-MN-320 Replacement.

In addition to the major projects, there will be interceptor rehabilitation, lift stations, and meter improvement projects located in the district.

Program Information Sheets

Metropolitan Council District 8 Map