Industrial Waste Forms

Below are forms for the MCES Industrial Waste and Pollution Prevention program regarding permits and approvals for discharging industrial wastewater to the sanitary sewer in the metropolitan area.

For questions about these forms, please contact the MCES Staff assigned to your permit or Maggie Lundell at [email protected].

A survey of the processes and wastewater generated at your facility, used to determine if industrial wastewater is generated:

Application for businesses to discharge industrial wastewater to the sanitary sewer in the seven-county metro area:
Application for microbreweries and brewpubs to discharge process wastewater to the sanitary sewer in the seven-county metro area:
Application to haul wastewater to MCES facilities:
Application for disposal of sanitary sewer cleaning waste (using a vacuum truck or trailer) at MCES Vactor disposal sites:
Application to discharge groundwater and/or surface water to MCES facilities via onsite connection or hauled by an MCES permitted liquid waste hauler:
Application to discharge landfill leachate and/or condensate to MCES facilities via on-site connection or hauled by an MCES permitted liquid waste hauler:
Approval request for a one-time industrial wastewater discharge to MCES facilities (not to be used for groundwater or surface water): Supplementary attachments for Approval requests and Groundwater/Surface applications

New owner request form to transfer a Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) Industrial Discharge Permit from one business entity to another:

MCES must have a current Signatory Authority on file for each permit. The Signatory Authority must meet EPA requirements listed in 40 CFR 403.12(l), as well as in the forms below. The Signatory Authority has the option of designating a Signatory Authority:

Confidential information for an Industrial Discharge Permit Application, Industrial Discharge Permit Renewal Application, and/or Baseline Monitoring Report should be submitted via a secure method: mail, encrypted email, or the IWPP Secure Data Upload Site.

MCES requires reporting and renewing permits online through the Industrial Online Reporting System (IORS).

For information about the system, visit our IORS reporting page or contact the IORS support team at 651-602-4789 or [email protected].

Facilities holding an MCES Industrial, General, Special Discharge or Liquid Waste Hauler Permit, and dental clinics participating in the Amalgam Recovery Program, need to enroll in the IORS. To enroll, follow these Account Registration Instructions (PDF) and complete the forms:

For information about when to complete and submit a spill report, please refer to our Spill Reporting page.

Liquid and sewer cleaning waste haulers must provide MCES with current vehicle identification information: