Contracting Opportunities

Contracting opportunities last updated on 2/22/2019. 


The Council's publicly advertised solicitations for contracts are listed below. For details about specific contacts, select the contract number to see the details in PDF format. For best results, use the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

The Council tries to ensure that information about contracts is current and accurate. However, the only information to be relied upon for a contract solicitation is the information that is distributed to persons listed with the Council as plan holders for that solicitation. Learn how to register as a plan holder (PDF). The plan holders list is public information and will be distributed to whoever requests it.


Divisions of the Met Council

Types of Solicitation

CD - Community Development A/E - Architectural/Engineering Services
ES - Environmental Services Const. - Construction
LRT - Light Rail Transit D/B - Design/Build
MTS - Metropolitan Transportation Services IFB - Invitation for Bids
RA - Regional Administration PSD - Prequalification Submittal Documents
Transit - Metro Transit RFP - Request for Proposal
  RFI - Request for Information
Division Number Title/General Description Issue Date Due Date Type
Transit 18P269 Northstar Tree Replacement 1/25/2019 2/26/2019 IFB
Transit 18P341 Sale of Real Property at 2425 Minnehaha Avenue 12/17/2018 2/28/2019 IFB
Transit 19P030 2019 MSP Tunnel Grouting 2/8/2019 3/1/2019 IFB
Transit 18P388 Fall Protection and Pit Fill Systems Upgrade 1/15/2019 3/7/2019 IFB
ES 19U001 Invitation for Prequalification Incinerator Repair and Improvements 2/12/2019 3/11/2019 RFP
LRT 18P387 Master Contract for Bass Lake Spur Freight Rail Maintenance and Repair 2/8/2019 3/12/2019 IFB
Transit 18P392 Hoists Replacement 2/6/2019 3/14/2019 IFB
RA 18P383 Master Contracts for Outside Appraiser Services 1/31/2019 3/14/2019 RFP
Transit 18P402 Bass Lake Spur - Freight Rail Dispatching Services 2/11/2019 3/14/2019 RFP
Transit 18P276A VMF Track Support Columns Maintenance 1/11/2019 3/19/2019 IFB
Transit 19P035 Waterjet Cutting Machine 2/11/2019 3/19/2019 IFB
ES 19P009 Lift Station L55 Replacement 2/22/2019 3/20/2019 IFB
RA 19P021 Facility ADA Self-Evaluations (Council-Wide) 2/15/2019 3/21/2019 RFP
ES 19P028 EBU - Eagles Point Diffuser Improvements and Hastings RAS Chlorination System 2/19/2019 3/22/2019 IFB
Transit 18P225 Security System Upgrade at Three Transit Facilities 2/22/2019 3/26/2019 IFB
LRT 17P000 Systems Construction for the Green Line Extension (Southwest LRT) Project 2/20/2019 5/21/2019 IFB
ES 18P381 Master Contracts for Project Communications/Public Involvement to Support MCES Interceptor Rehabilitation and Improvement Projects 1/16/2019 2/20/2019 RFP
ES 18P363 Blue Lake WWTP Bar Screen and Odor Control Rehabilitation Project 1/14/2019 2/19/2019 IFB
RA 19P031 Federal Lobbying and Strategic Development 2/5/2019 2/19/2019 RFP
ES 18P394 6,000 Gallon Sludge Truck 1/15/2019 2/18/2019 IFB