Workforce Development

Workforce development are efforts by project owners, trade unions, community training organizations and contractors to provide construction career opportunities. The Met Council’s Workforce Development department will lead, along with project partners, the design and delivery of pathways to prepare workers for a career in the construction trades.

The building and construction trades, as with many industries, are facing immediate and long-term shortage of workers. As the demographics of the Twin Cities are changing, industries are beginning to foundationally change the way they attract and develop their future workforce. Some women and residents from communities who have not historically been employed in the trades and have often face entry barriers. Past efforts have demonstrated that foundational readiness and hands-on construction career exposure increase the likelihood that individuals new to the industry experience success. The goal of Southwest LRT is to provide a suite of pathway options for prospective workers to either continue or start their construction career on the largest civil construction project in Minnesota’s history.

To support these goals, the Met Council will be hiring one full-time, two-year employee to support this program. The Council’s internal workforce development department will lead and coordinate the development program.

In 2019, Workforce Development activities for SWRLT includes:

  • Completing the SPO and Contractor needs assessment interviews
  • Draft and gain agreement on a workforce development program plan
  • Activate the Construction Job Seeker website
  • Communicate the workforce development plan
  • Identify planned/anticipated activities for 2020
  • Attend project advisory committee meetings as requested to provide update on activities and seek feedback

In 2020, the department plans to:

  • Conduct Building Strong Communities cohorts
  • Implement other activities identified in the work plan
  • Hire one staff member to support workforce development activities
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